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Congrats on booking you first curly hair appointment. There are some things you need to know prior to arrival to guarantee a successful curly haircut.

1. Come to your appointment with clean, detangled, completely dry hair that isn't put up in an elastic or clip with minimal to no styling products. This is very important to your appointment. You could be subject to reschedule or additional cost if this isn't adhered to. 

2. If you have not received a curly cut from James Jacobs Salon you will need to book under Devacut for NEW client. This is important for time purposes. 

What to expect.

Prior to arrival you will have understood how to show up to your appointment. Once arrived we will snap some pictures then go back my chair and begin an in depth consultation. Durning your consultation we will discuss your past salon experiences, current product routine, styling time demands, length, shape, and  goals. Inspiration pictures are welcome!

Once on the same page and excited about our plan we will begin the cut. I practice 2 cutting methods, Rezo and Devacut. Quickly after you will get to see the haircut take shape!

After the cut is finished we will go to the shampoo basin and begin the hydration process as well as your interactive styling lesson. At this point we will begin talking about how to take care of your hair properly and which products are essential for at home success.

After your shampoo we will begin styling your new hydrated shape! I will go in-depth about sectioning, product choice, product placement, and make recommendations. 

Then we will begin to defuse dry. Again, this process will be broken down throughly. 

All questions are welcomed and encouraged! Please email current hair pictures to  

To view more pictures-  Instagram @iamhaleyb

New Guest: Contact
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